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The 3 Most Important Call Tracking Metrics To Getting Even More New Patients

Posted by Rick Lau on Nov 3, 2023 6:07:00 AM

If you want to double your clinic revenue then focusing on these 3 call tracking metrics will help without spending a time more on marketing.

When I was running clinics, I had no idea how my front desk was doing on the phones. Until one day I started using call tracking and was shocked at what I was seeing

My front desk was only booking 60% of phone calls and only answering 70% of calls. At the time I was spending over $57,000/month on Google and Facebook.

So I thought my marketing wasn’t working. Until I found out my marketing was working I just didn’t have these 3 call tracking metrics dialed in.

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5 Reasons Every Business Should Use Call Recording

Posted by Rick Lau on Nov 18, 2021 7:30:00 AM

If your business revolves around booking patients over the phones and you haven't started call recording them you're missing out on ways to improve efficiency of your front desk, enhance the patient experience, save lost patients... thereby significantly boosting your revenues.

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7 Types of Outbound Calls that Will Make Money for Your Clinic Even During This Crisis

Posted by Rick Lau on Jul 21, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Every clinic needs more revenue, especially as we continue to wrestle with this pandemic and can’t fully operate our practices the way we want to.

As you’re about to see, the path to quickly accelerating your revenue doesn’t depend on finding new patients. It depends on making outbound calls to patients who have already reached out to you, and then using outbound call recording to improve your conversion rates.

To help you understand how this works, here are seven types of outbound calls your clinic can start making – right now to make you money.

Note: If you prefer videos to reading, you can also watch a video that explains the seven types of outbound calls.

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Answer More Patient Calls: 9 Easy Tactics You Need To Start Now

Posted by Rick Lau on Sep 16, 2016 3:27:01 PM

One of the most frustrating problems I hear many physiotherapists and chiropractors complain about with healthcare marketing is, you seem to spend a lot of money on digital marketing but you don't see any boost in your new patient numbers.

You have a sneaky suspicion that it could have something to do with phone performance. Because when you’ve tried to test your front desk admin with an anonymous call, you realize, every time you call your clinic, you’re either put on hold or you get the busy signal. Not exactly the kind of performance you’d like.

It is incredibly important that the phone gets answered.


Because, according to Marchex Call DNA phone call analytics, 50% of callers will hang up if you put them on hold  for 0-3 minutes. And here at CallHero, we’ve identified that 52% of those customers whose calls weren’t answered the first time, won’t call again.

If you’re not answering calls as the number one priority, then you’re basically flushing your hard earned physiotherapy marketing dollars down the drain. And, that’s one clear reason your new patient numbers aren’t budging.

So, in this article, we’re going to go over 9 easy tactics you can implement right away to lift your answer rates.

Ready to dive in and boost your patient numbers starting today?

Let’s go.

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