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7 Specific Ways to Increase the Value of Your Clinic

Posted by Rick Lau on Nov 22, 2022 5:37:50 AM

So you’ve decided to seriously look into selling your healthcare clinic. Assuming you’re doing this for a positive reason that will improve your quality of life or send you on to the next stage in your career path, the key question is, how do you increase the value of your clinic so you can command top dollar in the sale?

Determining your current value is the first step in this process, and clinic businesses should use EBITDA to find out how much their business is worth. Here’s how to value your clinic using EBITDA.

But once you have a reliable number for the current value of your clinic, what do you do if you were hoping for a higher figure? And, what can you do to increase your multiple – the number that multiplies by your EBITDA to determine your sales price?

These and many related questions were discussed in a recent episode of New Patient Secrets, as a virtual roundtable of industry experts and clinic owners spent an hour talking about everything related to selling medical clinics like dental, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage clinics.

Here are the top seven ways to increase the value of your health clinic.

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How to Value Your Clinic – Chiro, Physio, Massage

Posted by Rick Lau on Mar 1, 2022 7:00:00 AM

How much is your clinic worth? If you’ve been operating your clinic for any significant length of time and can see that you have achieved some level of success, you have probably started thinking about how much it’s worth.

This question is especially common for physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage clinics, most of which operate independently and have built themselves from the ground up.

You may not want to sell now, but you also don’t want to have to sell in a hurry. Navigating the clinic sales process takes time. Generally, you want to give yourself at least a couple years – yes, years – from the time you decide to sell to the time you actually do sell.

So, starting to think about this now, even if it’s still a long way off, it's a smart move.

Let’s go through the basic process of how to value your clinic, and how to maximize that value so you can sell for top dollar.

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How Much Is Your Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Clinic Worth?

Posted by Rick Lau on Dec 12, 2019 9:40:55 AM

Learn How to Sell Your Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Practice at the Right Time, for the Highest Value

Is now the best opportunity for you to sell your physiotherapy or chiropractic clinic? Should you wait five years? Or are you on the flip side and looking to expand by buying more clinics? 

If you want to sell a physiotherapy or chiropractic practice now or in the future, you will need to know how to determine an accurate valuation for your practice. If you’re looking to buy, you’ll need the same set of skills to assess how much the one you want to acquire is really worth.

Consolidation Is Coming for Your Clinic (and Community)

With the increasing consolidation in healthcare caused by corporate takeovers, mergers, and acquisitions by private equity, if you own a clinic and haven’t been approached by a big corporation yet, just wait. It will happen. And while your first reflex may be to show them the door, the idea will be planted. 

Someday, you will want to sell your physiotherapy or chiropractic practice, and now is the time to learn how to do it such that you reap the valuation you’ve worked hard for.

This is what happened to a clinic owner in Ontario some time back, who was asking for my help with a dilemma he faced during a mentorship call.

He and his wife are in their 50s. With kids still in school, they’re not ready to retire yet, but it’s on their mind. His physiotherapy clinic has been earning about $1 million in revenue the last five years. He’s not quite ready to sell because the sale is his retirement plan. Selling now would remove his source of income too early. At least, that’s what he has been saying. 

But then he got an offer from a "big corporation" that owns hundreds of clinics, and wanted my help to decide how to respond. 

What would you do in this situation?

He has an offer now. If he doesn’t take it, what if he can’t find a buyer five years from now? And is this even a good deal? He doesn’t really know what his clinic is worth. 

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