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Has built three 10 million dollar healthcare businesses over the past 15 years including a network of 127 clinics with over 1400 employees. He is one of the most sought-after mentors for clinic owners in Canada and USA where he helps owners double, triple, and even quadruple their profits by optimizing their clinic operations using his proven systems and leadership strategies.
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Executing Effective Meetings: How To Work Together to Improve Every Aspect of Your Clinic

Posted by Rick Lau on May 30, 2023 6:15:00 AM

Meetings are an integral part of running a successful clinic. They provide an opportunity for team members to come together, discuss important issues, and collaborate on solutions.

However, not all meetings are created equal. And when you think about, they are actually really expensive when you account for the time you are paying for each of your staff to be there!

In order for meetings to be truly effective, there are several key steps that should be taken to ensure that every aspect of your clinic is working together to improve.

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Topics: Leadership, Clinic Operations

How To Turn Shopping Around Callers Into Patients Right Away

Posted by Rick Lau on Apr 20, 2023 6:30:00 AM

I recently did a presentation for a group of Physiotherapists where I analyzed a common call that 99% of clinics get wrong. The kind of call that causes them to lose patients to their competitors.

In fact, we analyzed over 103,000 calls last month from clinics who use Callhero, our call recording and conversation analysis software and we see this mistake happening all the time.

This is why it’s so important to use call recording. The call I analyzed is below and in this blog I'll show you how she should have handled it to save the appointment.

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Topics: Marketing

How To Mentally Prepare For That Difficult Conversation To Help Get The Outcome You Want

Posted by Rick Lau on Feb 14, 2023 7:00:00 AM


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Topics: Leadership, effective meeting

Hiring Superstar Clinicians: How to Pitch Them

Posted by Rick Lau on Jan 24, 2023 6:30:00 AM

If you're looking to recruit a superstar physio or chiro, you need to know how to pitch them. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to pitch potential superstars and show them why they should work for your clinic. By following these tips, you can greatly increase your chances of recruiting your next superstar without breaking the bank.

Let’s get right to it…

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Topics: Recruiting

7 Specific Ways to Increase the Value of Your Clinic

Posted by Rick Lau on Nov 22, 2022 5:37:50 AM

So you’ve decided to seriously look into selling your healthcare clinic. Assuming you’re doing this for a positive reason that will improve your quality of life or send you on to the next stage in your career path, the key question is, how do you increase the value of your clinic so you can command top dollar in the sale?

Determining your current value is the first step in this process, and clinic businesses should use EBITDA to find out how much their business is worth. Here’s how to value your clinic using EBITDA.

But once you have a reliable number for the current value of your clinic, what do you do if you were hoping for a higher figure? And, what can you do to increase your multiple – the number that multiplies by your EBITDA to determine your sales price?

These and many related questions were discussed in a recent episode of New Patient Secrets, as a virtual roundtable of industry experts and clinic owners spent an hour talking about everything related to selling medical clinics like dental, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage clinics.

Here are the top seven ways to increase the value of your health clinic.

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Topics: Sell or Buy Clinic

7 Rules To Exceptional Patient Experience

Posted by Rick Lau on Nov 1, 2022 6:30:00 AM

If you're a clinic owner, then you know that providing a great patient experience is essential to your success. Patients are the lifeblood of your business, and if you can create a positive experience for them, they will be more likely to return in the future and refer others to you.

In fact, it's said to cost five times more to acquire a new customer or client than it does to keep one. In this blog post, we will discuss the seven rules you need to follow for a great patient experience!

Let's get started...

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Topics: Patient Experience

5 Best Interview Questions for Clinical Front Desk Hiring

Posted by Rick Lau on Oct 13, 2022 12:58:27 PM

A Complete Hiring Blueprint for Clinic Front Desk Workers

What should you look for in the perfect candidate for your clinic’s front office team?

If you’re like many clinic owners, it’s hard to nail down.

Am I hiring a secretarial type person? A sales person? An administrative and operational type of person? And what am I paying this person, exactly?

Maybe all this lack of clarity in your hiring process is why front desk positions have such high turnover.

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Topics: Hiring & Firing

An Easy Way To Analyze Your Clinic’s Profit And Loss Statement

Posted by Rick Lau on Sep 27, 2022 2:39:40 PM

The Easy Way To Analyze Your Clinic’s Profit and Loss Statement To Put More Money In Your Pocket

One of the hardest things clinic owner Kathy had to face was looking at her P&L (profit and loss statement) and dealing with it. She would get this dreaded anxious feeling whenever she looked at it. 

But it's so important to look at it regularly. It's important to know how to analyze it and ask the right questions. When Kathy learned this she discovered that she was missing $45,000 because of booking errors.

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Topics: Profit an Loss

What Do You Say To Your Staff When Asking For A Raise And You Can't Afford It?

Posted by Rick Lau on Sep 6, 2022 8:54:06 AM

Having a wage increase conversation is one of the hardest conversations you’ll ever have. 

Nobody likes talking about money especially when someone is asking you for more of it. But money talks are part of being a clinic owner.

In this blog post we role played a scenario on how to respond when someone asks for a raise but you can’t really afford to give one.

Karen is one of the top clinic leadership experts. Check out how she responds in an unusual but effective way.

Here’s the transcript of the role play.

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Topics: Scripts

How To Make Price Less Relevant By Providing A Better Patient Experience

Posted by Rick Lau on Jul 21, 2022 11:16:41 AM
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Topics: Patient Experience

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