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Should Clinic Owners Do Brand Marketing or Direct Marketing?

Posted by Rick Lau on Nov 20, 2019 5:00:00 AM
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Direct Marketing for Physical Therapists and Dentists

I’ve talked to a lot of clinic owners this past month on our quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions and the topic that keeps popping up over and over again is online marketing trends. 

They hear about how they should be doing online marketing but are confused and overwhelmed. It seems to change every week and they barely have enough time to run their business and treat patients.

The mistake I see clinic owners make is they market like big corporations do. They do brand marketing. They want to build a brand.

The problem is unless you have millions of dollars to spend like these big corporations and willing to wait years (or decades) to see if it works. It just won’t work for you.

"Followers" or "Likes" don't feed families

Brand marketing doesn’t make your phone ring. You can’t measure and have no idea if it’s working or now. What really makes your phone ring is direct marketing. Whether it’s direct marketing for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors or Dentists.

It allows you to know exactly with 100% confidence if your campaign is working. How many calls you’re generating from that marketing campaign like CallHero software tells you. You know exactly what your ROI is. 

I recently read a great book by Seth Godin and loved the quote he shared. “Brand marketing makes magic, direct marketing makes the phone ring”.

Then he goes on to say:

  • Brand marketing: culturally oriented, can’t be measured. 
  • Direct marketing: action-oriented, measured.
  • Measure everything if you’re doing direct marketing.

Brand Marketing vs Direct Marketing

Direct marketing includes:

  • Google Ads,
  • Youtube Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail 
  • Webinars

It’s action-oriented and can be measured to let you know exactly for every dollar you spend how much you are getting in return.

Brand Marketing includes:

  • Buzz marketing 
  • Event sponsorships
  • SEO
  • Brand experience
  • Instagram
  • Billboard signs
  • Clinic culture

It your marketing can’t be measured and you have no idea if it’s working. 

With the rise of Google and Facebook, more people are doing direct marketing than ever before. Most clinic owners don’t have the budget to do brand marketing and that’s where most clinic owners spend their time.

For my clients, I tell them to forget about brand marketing and only do direct marketing.  Once you clinic is getting enough new patients and your bank account is fat, go ahead and start branding marketing. 

With CallHero Call Tracking not only does it tell you how many calls that specific advertisement gets but how many of those calls you are converting. This allows you to track the number of new patients that your advertisement generated and what your ROI of that campaign is. 

So you know with dead certainty if your campaign is working or not. If not, you will know exactly where the friction point is in your call funnel. For example:

  • How many calls did you get that week?
  • Is your staff answering 95% of the calls?
  • How many new patient opportunities?
  • Is your booking rate for new patient opportunities 80%?

For example, if you’re advertisement is generating a good number of calls but you’re still not getting the results you want. You go to the next step, what’s your answer rate? If it’s at 95%. Then move on to, what’s your booking rate? If it’s not 80% that’s you’re sticking point. 

Once you fix that your campaigns start working without spending any more on marketing. Or if you’re not generating many calls the advertisement is the problem.

Direct marketing allows you to measure each step in your call funnel. Where as brand marketing you have no idea where the friction point is. 



For instance my client, Karen Craven.  She owns a multi million dollar physical therapy clinic in Saskatchewan. 


She came to me saying her marketing wasn’t working. So we implemented CallHero’s call tracking metrics and found out that her marketing was working. Her sticking point was her booking rate over the phone. So I gave her the patient win back script to use to call back all patients who didn’t leave a voicemail or did not book.

She made an extra $4350 in the last 30 days just by doing that.

See her CallHero Dashboard

Karen Craven 2-1

So instead of throwing more money into your marketing and hoping and praying that it works. Go after the easy low hanging fruit first. By focusing on converting the potential new patients already calling you.

That’s where CallHero call tracking can help. It gives you a complete overview of your call funnel metrics. How many calls you get, what’s your answer rate, how many new patient opportunities, what’s your booking rate. Also tells you when and who should follow up with the win back script for those who didn’t leave a voicemail.

Basically CallHero tells you if your advertisement is working or not. If not it tells you exactly what needs to be fixed in order for your marketing to start working. So you get even more new patients from the calls you’re already getting without spending any more on marketing. And you can hold the marketing agencies accountable.

There’s nothing else like this out there.

Now you may be thinking I don’t have the budget for it or my clinic is small and doesn’t get a lot of calls.

A “did not book phone call” is worth $500 on average. That’s $500 going to your competitors. If CallHero just helps you get one new patient you normally wouldn’t have got, it more than pays for itself. Then the rest goes straight into your pocket.

And there’s Leslie a small clinic owner who didn’t get a lot of phone calls so she thought CallHero would not benefit her. However, when she implemented CallHero she discovered hidden opportunities that she wasn’t even aware of. Like she wasn’t answering 100% of calls and her booking rate was not as good as she thought.  Now she gets 100% answer rate and booking rate with no extra staff time thanks to CallHero.


Then there’s Allison. With CallHero she uncovered a hidden opportunity that allowed her to make an extra $2500/month without marketing.


And Raj struggled to train staff experience f to provide a consistent and great patient experience across his 3 clinics. Now he can.

Then there’s Julia a small clinic owner in Ontario had a big “aha” moment while using Call Hero. In the beginning, they weren't sure when to open.  Through CallHero’s call tracking metrics, they discovered what days and times they were getting the most calls. So they could bring in more staff during those times so no appointments slipped through the cracks.



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