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7 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Small Wins With Your Team

Posted by Rick Lau on Dec 9, 2021 7:49:02 AM
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7 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Small Wins With Your Team

Your team just had an awesome week at the clinic. They applied all your phone training, increased their call performance, hit the target and booked a ton of new patients for appointments.

On Monday, everyone just goes about their business as usual. And that’s the problem!

Most clinic owners and managers don’t spend enough time celebrating small wins and appreciating their team. If this story sounds familiar to you as an owner or manager, it’s time to change your act.

Read on to discover why celebrations and so critical and then use the following 7 inexpensive tactics to boost team morale, productivity and commitment.

Why It Pays To CelebrateCelebrating_Small_Wins.jpg

Chances are you have millennials working at your clinic, people in the age group of 15-35 years. When research was conducted with millennials, owners and managers thought MONEY was the most important thing to them.

But it turns out the most important thing to millennials is MEANINGFUL WORK! They don’t just want a job, they want to be a part of something, feel challenged and aligned with your company, believe in what you’re trying to do, and feel appreciated – which is why you absolutely need to celebrate small wins with your team.

Ilan Mocari, from Inc, explains how using celebrations can keep you and your team focused and motivated during the not-so-good times. Celebrations also provide positive reinforcement, allow leaders to emphasize positive work-life balance, helps lighten the load, creates a fun company culture that everyone enjoys, creates office spontaneity and defuses needless confrontations.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it does in fact pay to celebrate!

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Celebrating Small Wins With Your Team

Here’s what we do at CallHero and things you can use in your own business.

1.) Create a Wall of Wow

A ‘Wall of Wow’ is a dedicated place in your office where team members can paste their small wins. These wins can be anything from a great customer review, a personal achievement or goal, great social media updates or emails received, awards won, or anything else your team considers a win.

Spend 5 minutes every day to review the wins/ stucks/ goals together as a team. And dedicate a specific time on a monthly basis to review the Wall of Wow.

2.) Be personal with handwritten cards

handwritten cards for recognizinh the accomplishments of your team

When was the last time you received a handwritten card with a nice note inside? Did it make you feel special?

Recognize the accomplishments of your team (no matter how big or small) and put it in handwriting. Not an email, an instant message, or Facebook update. Go the extra mile and add that true personal touch to make your team members feel valued and appreciated.

3.) Celebrate with pizza

treat pizza for Celebrate Small Wins With Your Team

Who doesn't like pizza? Or any other food for that matter!

Pies, pizza, ice cream, or a special lunch - all on you.

Provide an experience for your team on a regular basis. Do it randomly or as a regular lunch date, at office meetings or for staff birthdays.

4.) Create a small wins trophy

trophy for small wins celebration

Your small wins trophy can be similar to the yellow jack in the Tour de France. The team that completes a project wins the trophy and gets to keep it until there is another small wins celebration.

The trophy gets passed around and enjoyed by everyone. You could even keep a trophy log book of all the small wins gained so in years to come, the entire team can review all the accomplishments you’ve achieved together.

5.) Offer reenergizing treatments

Treat staff members to a manicure, pedicure, or even better a spa or massage treatment.

Hand out vouchers on special occasions or when you’ve had an extra busy or productive week to give your team a chance to relax, unwind and reenergize.

6.) Honor team members

honor your team members

When you have staff meetings take the time to recognize someone at the start of every meeting and honor them for something they’ve achieved.

Boost someone up, show people you notice things and that it makes a difference for the company and the rest of the team. You could also have an honorary member of the month, selecting a person to reward for their efforts.

7.) Gift lucky lottery tickets

Everyone finds it fun to be in a lottery draw, especially when someone else gives lottery tickets as a gift. Simply place them in a card with a small note and you never know, someone in the office might just have those lucky numbers!

Take the time to celebrate the targets, the ‘almost’ hits, or any other thing that deserves appreciation. The extra expense and effort is well worth it for the amount of team morale, productivity and commitment it brings.

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