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How Clinic Owners Take 1 to 3 Month Vacations While Still Having Your Clinic Run Like a Well Oiled Machine

Posted by Rick Lau on Oct 13, 2021 10:14:12 AM
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How To Take 1 to 3 Month Vacations While Still Having Your Clinic Run

How To Take 1 to 3 Month Vacations While Still Having Your Clinic Run Like a Well Oiled Machine

Can you take a 1 to 3-month vacation and your clinic will still run like a well-oiled machine? If not, how do you make that possible?

That’s what we talked about recently on the Clinic accelerator community call with other 6-7 figure clinic owners.

Most clinic owners can only take 1-2 weeks off without it being an extremely expensive vacation because they have to factor in the cost of the vacation and the lost revenue. While others can take up to 3 months of a fully unplugged vacation while their clinic is still growing without them.  

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to completely unplug and take much longer vacations which is actually critical for the success of your clinic.

Here’s why...

  1. It gets your creative juices flowing. You’ll come back with fresh ideas to grow your clinic. I know whenever I take vacations. I come back with ideas I never would have thought of by working.
  2. Recharge and reset to avoid burnout.
  3. Spend time with your family. As Paul says, “Your Business is a tool, not your Life, It's a tool to live your life.”
  4. Sets you free and gives you that amazing mental freedom that so many people crave.
  5. Critical for your retirement because it can increase the value of your clinic. 

increase the value of your clinic

I've seen so many healthcare entrepreneurs have their valuation slashed in half because it was dependent on them being there.

You see, clinic buyers don't want a company run by one person, they want teams and org structure. They are looking for clinics that are not dependent on the owner being there. Because it's too much risk for them.

Plus another reason to take long vacations, it challenges and builds up your leaders. They will have more pride and confidence in their jobs.

When you completely unplug, they have to figure it out on their own. It gives them way more confidence.

Also, everyone learns best through failure. So if you want your CD or manager to learn they have to learn from failure but manage the risk so it's not too expensive. I will intentionally let my staff fail because that builds character and they will develop a better relationship with you.

Manage Risk But Let Them Fail Is How You Develop Leaders

Develop Leaders

7 figure clinic owner Karen says, 

“Just giving them permission to not be afraid to make mistakes. It makes them step up.”

Now you maybe thinking, this is all great but I can’t take long vacations because I’ll lose too much money. I’ll have to pay for the vacation plus factor in the lost revenue. Here’s how you can make this possible in the

next few months.

1.) Get the right clinic org structure in place so every division has someone in charge of that area. Everybody knows their duties.

2.) Start having meeting rhythms so your staff builds rapport and trusts each other. It will empower your team to get things down. They will solve challenges together. Then have your leaders run the meetings with you, this is how they learn.

Also, occasionally don't show up to the meeting. Say I'm going somewhere and let them run it without you there. Let them learn how to do the meeting themselves.

3.) Before you take the vacation make sure they are competent and confident that they can do it. They can take over your job.

You could also do a mini-vacation test before you truly unplug for a long vacation. Take off for 4 days before you do a long one and see how your team performs. Then you will probably realize after 4 days, wow my team did good and my business is still running smoothly.

It will give you the confidence that you can make this happen. And if not, you can work more on developing your leaders and try the test again later. 

For me, it can be difficult to take 3 months off because I'm a little control freak so what I do is take a lot of vacations during the year which adds up to 3 months off. And I only check in with my team once a week.  This allows me to let the team run without me. Plus allows me to fully recharge and come up with creative ideas without losing control.

a team of therapists having a meeting

So if you can’t take 3 months off, try lots of mini-vacations and watch your money-making ideas flow. 

I hope you enjoyed the blog post. If you found this helpful then you might be interested in the FREE Mystery Caller Audit. It’s helped hundreds of clinic owners get an extra two new patients a week without spending a dime more on marketing. Before you head off to vacation it’s important to get your call tracking metrics optimized so you’re getting the maximum number of new patients from the calls you're already getting.  

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1. In order for me to take a long vacation I need to hire another Physio.

Great news! We just launched PTharmony.com where we find your ideal physio for you and train them. So you don’t ever have to sift through bad resumes, talk to Physios with unrealistic expectations, and spend hours training them. We do it all for you. You can go here to learn more

2. What’s the first step I should take before taking a long vacation?

Start having meeting rhythms to get your staff solving problems together and building trust with other team members.

3. How do I manage the risk to let my staff fail?

A simple way is to set boundaries for your staff to minimize the risk to your clinic and so it won’t cost you too much money.


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